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We use the terms “Interior designer” and “Interior decorator” synonymously, but these two professions are completely different on their works. An Interior designer studies art and science. They also understand the peoples behavior to create functional spaces and structural living. In addition, Interior designers may decorate, but Interior decorators do not design homes. However, interior designers follow a systematic method including research, analysis, knowledge that satisfy the client needs.

Interior designer

An Interior designer creates homes or work spaces according to people’s needs. Interior designer involves personal interaction and psychological understanding of a person.

Schooling – Interior designing requires formal training. The work usually includes studying colours, fabrics, CAD training, space planning, furniture design and more.

What they do – Designers are comfortable with spatial planning. And also helps in designing and renovating interiors. They can enhance the look and function of the room as well.

Who they work with – Interior designers work with architects to help them achieve client satisfaction regardless of whether it is office, home, hotel or any other interior space.

Role of the Interior designer

  • Should consider how the space will be used.
  • Sketch design plans including layouts
  • Should specify materials and furnishings like lightings, wall finishes, furniture and flooring.
  • Create a timeline and budget for the project

Interior decorator

Decorators don’t create interior spaces, they just decorate the existing places. Interior decoration is furnishing the space with beautiful and fashionable things.

Schooling – Interior decorators do not require formal training because they focus on aesthetics. Decorates do not participate in structural planning and renovation. An interior decorator comes into the frame after structural planning and execution of the space.

What they do – Interior decorators help clients decide on style, colour scheme, and accessories. They can also redesign the existing space for updating.

Who they work with – Decorators usually do not work with architects. They work with furniture makers and other professionals. They often work directly with homeowners and business managers.

Role of an Interior decorator

  • Meets the client to determine style and budget.
  • They used CAD Programme to determine colour patterns and furnitures.

Whom should you hire?

Hiring a person depends upon your needs. If it is about removing a wall, wiring around or adding new windows, an interior designer will be the best choice. Because, interior designers will help you in planning space and structures changes.

On the other hand, if it is the need of style, or choosing furnishings, paints, wallpapers, lighting and accessories, an interior decorator will be useful.

However, before hiring a professional clearly sort out your own needs for the space. Space Designs offer both the interior designers and interior decorators to turn your dream home into reality. We assist you with the best Interior designers and decorators for your residential or commercial space.

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