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Kitchens are undoubtedly the heart of the home. Kitchens are something which spreads spicy, delicious and healthy serving recipes. Then, for such healthy kitchens, why not one need to have systematic and organised modular kitchen designs?

Well, the modern world is something which includes updated technology, western outfits, luxury cars and leisure homes. In order to match up with the modernization of our living, modern kitchen has become more popular because of its well systematic designs.

Concept of Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

The concept of modular kitchen is originated from European countries. Later on, under the effect of globalization, it had been a regular feature of other developing countries across the world. Since now the kitchen is not just a place for cooking, it has become a favourite part of people gathering. As a result, it is essential to design your modular kitchen with unique designs, complimentary walls and interior with the latest colouring schemes. Let’s have a look at some of the modular kitchen design ideas.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to be spacious and want to be a bit separated from the living area then U-shaped kitchen suits perfectly for your need. Also, for an elegant look, you can include an island table at the centre. Dependent on your home, if you have enough space you can also include a ding table at the centre which can make a quick serving.

Parallel Kitchens

These are the best modular kitchens with less space. Parallel kitchens are also called Gallery kitchens. There is an efficient use of walls in these type of kitchens as cupboards reach to the top of the ceiling. Also, these designs have counters that are parallel to each other.

Straight modular kitchen

The straight modular kitchens are single-walled kitchens. These contain all the things in a linear pattern. The layout is very simple and much suitable. Straight modular kitchens contain pocket doors and all the accessories like cabinets, cooking tools, and ingredients. The storage cabinets on the floor also provide easy reach. Using different colour combinations for the layers of cabinets makes your modular kitchen more attractive.

Glow-up your kitchen with light arrangements

Besides the utilization of space, the design for your modular kitchen can also make use of electrical settings to complete the overall look. Illuminating your kitchen also plays a prominent role in designing! Which colour lights are needed? How to place lights at strategic locations? Is random placing of lights is really good enough? Do you want to keep a simplistic setting? Once you decide upon all these options, you can enough clear to create your modular kitchen. However, the important aspect of illumination is to eliminate the chances of shadows. So, you may also have to light on your wall and floor cabinets.

L-Shaped Modular kitchen

These type of modular kitchens are always stayed on the top priorities list of a homemaker because of its space a beautiful look. It is a user-friendly kitchen and easy to access and assemble other accessories to the kitchen. People working or cooking together in the kitchen generates a lot of fun and healthy environment. And this is possible in ‘L’ shaped modular kitchen. It has a large space for shelves and drawers for storage and easy use.

Kitchen Flooring

Flooring plays an important role in the overall look. Because the flooring of your modular kitchen tends to complement the aesthetic look of your kitchen. Apart from its appearance you should also see its durability and cleaning ease while choosing the flooring material. General ceramic tiles are easy to clean and durable. While floors require more maintenance. Also, stone slate or granite are a common trend in modular kitchens which spread simplicity and elegance.

Matte Theme Kitchen

The most trending kitchen style in today’s generation is Matte theme. It gives a moody and classy look to the modular kitchen. The black colour with matte finish and variation of its counter colours like grey and white gives industrial look to the kitchen. Usually, these type of kitchens match up with living areas and stay for the long term.

Kitchen Surface

The look and feel of your modular kitchen completely depend on the choice of furniture Furniture like chairs, tables, benches and stools with an array of angular and flowing designs make your kitchen look more lovely. Also, you may opt for furniture with materials such as wood, plastic, metal and stainless steel which can add great visual interest and elegance for your modular kitchen.

With many features available to choose from, here we bring you the best modular kitchen design ideas that you can implement in your kitchen. At Space Interior Guide, we have a dedicated team of kitchen designing professionals to bring a perfect solution for your queries about modern kitchen. Also, we have a huge assortment of modular kitchen designing videos available on YouTube to help you in choosing the perfect design for your kitchen.

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