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Your home is a place where you will get maximum comfort and peace. So, you need to plan your interior design with utmost care. Interior design is all about the practise of space planning and designing your home interior spaces. Also it involves colour scheme, design theme, modular furnitures, modern design, Artifacts, and also use of natural materials. So when you start doing interior design of your home plan in a comfortable way without overloading yourself.

The most common problem with the process of Interior design is “where to start from?” and “how to plan interior designs?” To ease out your problem we are advising you some interior design ideas…

It all starts from…

Space Planning

Space planning is all about the in-depth analysis on how to use the physical spaces in structures. Interior designing is creating the spaces not only to look attractive but also comfortable and functionable. However, space planning helps you make certain use of space without wasting it.

Treasuring out space planning has become much challenging nowadays. So it is very essential to hire an interior designer for space planning. Because, clients have spaces with multiple needs. So, prioritizing which need comes first is not an easy thing. Why take risk!

We, at Space designs help out you in this task.

Colour Scheme

Colour scheme plays an important role in Interior design. Usually, it’s preferable to limit three colours for a room. And you can start applying variations on this. Always, select the colours which apts with the lighting and furniture and also which suits your lifestyle. As a result, these colours and their combinations can influence how a person experiences a room. Also colour schemes create a visual experience with two or more adjacent rooms.

The primary part in choosing the colour scheme in Interior design is selecting the terms like saturation, hue and intensity. By combining colour theory, you can begin to create an informed colour palette for an interior space.

Main Colour – Main colour will be the foundation of colour scheme. The hue will be the primary wall colour.

Accent colour – This colour will be the second in command to the main colour. It creates a visual interest in a room.

Bold colour – Bold colour will lead the eye around a room and can be used to create a focal point in a space.

Neutral – Neutral colours are classified into gray, a grayish beige, or cream colours. This colour is important for your colour scheme because it blends smoothly into your design.

Modular Furnitures

Ofcourse, choosing the right furniture for your space is a creative activity, but it has been tricy then and now. Once you have created the complete look of your room, you can start positioning your furniture. Utility and beauty of the furniture add the essence of interior design. Add the finishing touches using decorative objects, keeping the colour balancing.

Design Theme

Designing theme is the main step of the interior designing process. Selecting a suitable interior designing themes for home or office space can keep you in a more dilemma, especially when you already have few ideas in your mind.

If you have a particular interest in certain fields like music, flowers, arts and more. And you want to add it to your room, you can proceed. Because a theme based interior design will definitely add an excellent look to your room. Also it surely gives an idea to the viewer about your interest in that field.


One of the most mandatory principles of interior design in every room needs a single design or a focus at a single point that immediately draws attention into the space. You should use the various home decor artifacts during the process of interior design of your home. Most people prefer wallpapers and wall arts for decorating interior design.

Consequently, when you choose a wall art to be the focal point for your space, the most consideration is its size. In addition to the wallpapers and paintings, you can also consider the pieces like sculptures or shadow boxes that can add a unique look to your space.

Modern Design

Modern interior design consists of different incarnations, making it more complex in defining. Modern interior design refers to the reflection of modern arts in the interior space. Modern design focuses on minimalism, most modern spaces do not require stark hues. Therefore, the simplicity of modern interior design is its everlasting relevance. The design themes in modern design include clean straight lines, use of metals, bold accent colours, lack of clutters.

Use of natural materials

Environmental awareness has been playing a crucial role in every single aspect of our lives. Designers and homeowners have been indulging into eco-friendly trends and natural materials in interior design from past few years. In addition, these add a warm and cozy look for any interior. Natural materials have gained top preference in interior design because

  • Its has high style factor
  • They are health-conscious
  • Natural materials are sustainable
  • THey are long-lasting and can vibe with every style.

Let’s have a look at some of the Natural materials you can use for a eco-friendly interior

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Leather
  • Bricks & Stones
  • Shells
  • Sea grass
  • Iron
  • Marbles
  • Feathers
  • Granites and other natural stones

At space designs, we strongly believe that interiors have a strong influence on the ambience of a room and house. So selecting the right furniture, flooring, ceiling plays an important role in getting the pleasant look for any interior. However, it is the most challenging part of Interior design. Our interior designers are here to plan everything accordingly starting from space of accessories that suits and reflects your personality in your designs.

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